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 Site Rules - Read before posting

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PostSubject: Site Rules - Read before posting Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:42 pm

Hey Guest, this is SneakyWorld's overall site rules. Please take a look before posting in the forum.

1. Flamming is not aloud on this forum, we don't need your childish posts about how much you hate another member. We want to keep this site as PG-13 as possible, so don't bash.

2. No posting illegal content of any kind, such as ripped programs/software, movies, music, or anything to fall under the Warez category.

3. We ask that you respect all staff members, disrespect towards any staff member will result in an infraction; If continued you're account or IP address could be banned from our forum.

4. No double posting unless it's in a 24 hour period in-between posts. Use the EDIT button if you need to add something else.

5. We have a zero tolerance for SPAM, previously posted content, posting off topic, posts without information, and the infamous one word posts. Ex: Ok, k, Poop, Swornloveswarcrazy

6. Do not post content that is not yours and take credit for it. Not only will you get a bad name, but you'll receive a infraction.

7. No pornographic or otherwise offensive content EVER.

8. If you have any problems, PM a administrator. Do not make a topic over what issue you have.

9. This one is a iffy rule; no Advertising. In this case its referred to as the act of asking another member to join or check out another forums web address. You can post links to other forums if it is exclusive content, but you must seek both sites admin approvals.

This site is for all to have a good time, learn, and chat! In order to make this site thrive like our previous sites, we have to be in positive spirits and treat each other well.

Everyone enjoy the forums, if you find anyone that might be in-violation of these rules feel free to contact the administrators.

Sneaky Staff

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Site Rules - Read before posting

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